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Extreme Hotlaps

Want to feel like a real rally co-pilot ? Here's you'r chance


It's great to drive sports cars, but one needs to accept that he/she won't be able to push it to the max as this is only possible if you're a real professional pilot. So now we offer you the chance to feel like one of these Pro pilots, by joining one as passenger during several laps.

The circuit of Monte Blanco is located near Huelva and is nearly 2.5 kilometers long. It's a very nice and fun racing track often used for brand testing and even F1 testing.

This package includes 2 hotlaps as a passenger of Azor Dueñas, a driving professional who will show you what can be done with a Clio Cup ! You will be strongly strapped into the car and wear a crash hat to make sure safety is optimal.

On top of this, the package includes, for the driver and up to 3 guests:

  • Open bar (soft drinks) for all 4 persons
  • Picture of the driver with the car, as a wonderful souvenir !

Some information on the supercar :

  • Engine L4 of 2,0L
  • Sequencial 6 speed gearbox
  • Power : 203 BHP - Par : 230 Nm
  • Max speed : 230 km/h

Want more laps ? Or hotlaps in other cars ? Contact us now !

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Who's it for?

Hot laps are ideal motor activities for anyone interested in feeling like a real professional pilot, discover these incredible and high adrenaline pumping sensations.

Additional Information

Number of participants
Allow 2h fo rthe entire experience
Be in good health conditions, not be pregnant.
Monteblanco : 05/3/16 + 29/10/2016
Languages Spoken