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Pro Buggy Tour

Enjoy a real buggy driving experience with 800cc


This experience is very different to any of the other buggy tours you could find in Southern Spain ! Our guided buggy tours start from Ronda and will lead you in the nicest places inland Andalucia. 

We propose sevearl tour options, to visits to the (bottom of the) Ronda Gorge, Arab Baths, "Vinos de Ronda" wineries, and Genal Valley pueblos, including the blue painted Smurf-Juzcar. Our tours include a typical tapas stop going from one small town to another, mainly through dirt tracks, through unique countrysides.We also include fuel, guide, equipment, etc. We will use XY800 buggies, offering 800CC power and a very good finishing that makes this machine an irresistable treat and almost everyone falls in love with it. These buggies feature : 

  • Very good and comfortable driving position
  • Laminated glass windscreen
  • Excellent off-road behaviour but also ideal for daily, town use, thanks to its maniouverability and compact size.
  • Great fun.
  • Very light steering.
  • Shocks with variable hardness.

We propose several routes :

  • The Tajo route : this is a mini excursion, of approximately 1 hour to see the amazing Tajo bridge (puente nuevo). We'll use 60% of dirt tracks.
  • The wineries route : this route of 3 to 4 hours includes the Tajo bridge, Aguaya, Arriate and many other villages. We'll pass by several wineries using 90% of dirt tracks.
  • More options on request (smurfs village Juzcar, the caves' route, etc). More info on request. 
Who's it for?

These buggy excursions are great for anyone interested in discovering Ronda and the region, using powerful and quality buggies. An ideal holiday activity, but it also makes a great gift and an original idea for a small team building/incentive event. 

We propose 3 manual gear buggies and 2 automatic ones.

Additional Information

Number of participants
1 or 2 (price per buggy)
1h to 4h
A minimum of 2 buggies are required to organize the tour. Maximum 5 buggies (10 pax) per tour.
What to wear
Confortable clothes
NOT AVAILABLE at the moment
Languages Spoken