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Supercar Route

An unique experience on Andalusian roads!


Activitiesmarbella offers you the possibility to fulfill one of your car dreams in Andalusia. Now you have the chance to drive more than 40km in two supercars, the Ferrari 430 F1 and Lamborghini Gallardo, this is the perfect opportunity to go out and drive through the amazing coastal roads in Southern Spain.

We have several circuits throughout Andalusia, like for example in Malaga, Sevilla or Huelva. During the activity you will accompanied at all time by a professional driver as a co-pilot, who will take care of giving you some advices about the driving skills as well as to make sure you have an incredible experience on the day.

All the routes have been previously supervised and designed, so your co-pilot will be in charge of guiding you, telling where to go and what road to be followed. These routes start always at the circuit selected and finish at the same departure point. Once you have finished the first 23km with one car, you will switch straight over to the other one, this way you will truly get to experience both vehicles.

Do not waste your time and contact us to organise your next supercar driving route!

Who's it for?

This experience is perfect for those people interested to feel the true supercar speed or just to make a birthday gift to a friend or family.

  • Arrival at the meeting point
  • Welcome briefing with the co-pilot
  • Safety instructions and tips for the driving
  • Enjoy!

Additional Information

Number of participants
23km each car
Minimum 18 years old with a valid driving license
If the weather does not allow the activity to take place, a new date will be proposed
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
Important Information
This activity follows an specific designed route, so you will be guided at all time. It can only be perfomed during certain programmed dates as well
For 2020:
Malaga (Campillos): 22nd March, 12th July, 22nd November
Monteblanco: 21st March, 11th July, 21st November
Sevilla: 6th June, 11th July 4th October
Languages Spoken