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Flying : Learn And Pilot

Learn and fly on a real Ultra Light Craft (ULM)


Activitiesmarbella has teamed up with the Spanish leader in personal flights to offer you 2 exclusive packages near Sevilla. Just select the option that best suits your interests between :

  • Flying Discovery
  • Flying Trip in Andalucia
Who's it for?

Anyone willing to learn the basics of flying and experiment it in real conditions.



  • Briefing on basics aspects of flying
  • 1 hour flight with a professional pilot who will explain you everything you need to know on piloting such a modern plane.
  • During the trip to "Las Marismas del Guadalquivir", the pilot will show you several piloting tips and tricks. The level will depend on your own expectations.
  • The trip will end up with a flight right above the "Rio" Guadalquivir, where you will be able to pilot the plane yourself for a while
  • Bring your photo camera as this is an amazing experience.


FLYING TOUR OPTION (tick box here under):

This is a 1,5 hour flight tour to visit the Huelva beaches or visit inland Andalucia (Serrania de Ronda and Grazalema white village).This is an amazing flying trip to visit Southern Spain from the skies, where you will be given the opportnity to pilot the plane yourself for a while.Simply an unforgettable experience to enjoy or offer.

Additional Information

Number of participants
1 to 1,5 hours according to option you select
In case of really bad weather, a new date would be set up
What to wear
Casual confortable clothes
All year round
Languages Spoken
Booking Information
48 hours notice required for bookings