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Pilot Starter Lesson

Learn about how to pilot a real plane, in real conditions


"What an experience !!! Learn how to pilot a real plane, in real conditions !!!

The "Introductory Flying Course" is designed for people who want to have a first contact with the world of aviation. During the course you will learn the basics of piloting and navigation.

Besides being a course for those who want a first contact with the aircraft, thispilotting course is also aimed for those who wish to continue their training to obtain an official PPL (A) license. These hours are valid as the initial steps for this PPL license.

The course consists of 3 hours of theory and 3 hours of practical education.

Additional information of interest :

  • This activity is best done in two days at least
  • Departure from Granada Airport.
  • Ideally eat normally before flying
  • We recommend bringing a camera for all tours.
  • Must bring a valid passport
  • Maximum height: 6’4” (193cms)
  • Maximum weight: 12 stone (114 Kg)
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • The tour is subject to weather conditions

Also available : combination of sportscar driving and flying in Malaga.

Who's it for?

This experience is great as a special gift for anyone, but is also an ideal first step in preparing an official PPL pilotting license.

Additional Information

Number of participants
6h in total, over 2 days ideally
Should the weather not allow the flighst, new dates will be scheduled
Important Information
Full PPL courses also available. Contact us should you want to obtain your pilotting license.
NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT, contact us for more information