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Cooking Experience

Learn and enjoy Spanish or Moorish cookery


Any interest in learning how to prepare a menu of either classic Spanish recipes or Middle Eastern and Moorish-inspired cuisine ? Activitiesmarbella brings you this unforgettable cookery experience in Granada city. These private cooking demo take place in the kitchen of the Albaicín house of your hostess/Chef, who will take you through the preparation of a selection of dishes that represent a traditional Spanish family lunch. You can participate or watch on, as you prefer, and the accent is on informal chat and anecdotes as you while away an enjoyable afternoon (or evening) creating and then eating great food.

There are two options to choose from (NB prior notification required):

Spanish Classics: This is an introduction to the rich flavours and key ingredients of the Spanish kitchen, through some of the nation’s “classic” dishes such as gazpacho, pisto manchego, empanadas, and flan a la naranja. There are also recipes that are less well known but offer some mouthwatering combinations, such as the orange and salt cod salad remojon (from Granada’s Lecrín Valley), the sweet/savoury egg-plant  berenjenas a la miel, and the intriguing-sounding leche frita (- literally “fried milk”…).

Moorish Feast: The foods and flavours of Spanish cuisine owe much to the rich inheritance from Moorish times, with their own roots in the Middle East. Basic foodstuffs such as rice, sugar, egg-plants, citrus fruits, figs and bananas were all first brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors, as well as a whole range of spices including saffron, cumin, nutmeg, and even methods of food preparation like the marinade. Explore the roots of one cuisine by preparing the dishes of another in this fascinating class with Nadia, a superb cook of Austrian/ Egyptian parentage, who has made Granada her home for many years now.

After the demo/class, you will enjoy a 2-course lunch (or dinner), as prepared during the cooking experience.

Who's it for?

This unformal and friendly cooking experience is ideal if your are visiting Granada and want to discover a typical house, typical people and learn typical cooking.


  • Welcome and presentation
  • Cooking lesson
  • Enjoy a meal with the prepared dishes

What’s included: Cooking demonstration (3-4 hours) where you can get involved in some preparation if you wish, and a 2-course lunch, as prepared in the demonstration . The hostess will meet you at your accommodation (all central and Alhambra hotels and tourist apartments included) and taxi transportation to the house is included. Return transportation is at your expense.

Additional Information

Number of participants
3 to 4 hours in total
A minimum of 4 persons are needed for the course. We also cater for smaller groups but conditions apply, contact us for more information.
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