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Mixology Competition

Only one team can prepare the best cocktail


Did you ever want to prepare cocktails like a professional?
Activitiesmarbella brings you the chance to learn and compete in this Mixology Competition.
A group of professional mixologists and bartenders will guide you through this experience to teach you how it should be done!

We will divide this experience in different phases

Phase 1: 
The experience will begin with a welcome briefing and a glass of sparkling wine. 

Phase 2
Now it’s your time to start... first you will go through all basic bartending tools such as speedblade, strainer, shaker, muddler etc. You will then have to check all ingredients such as ice, mixers, juices, fruits and of course the alcohol.  
Now two groups will be created (make sure to choose a good name for your team). Once the teams have been made, you will have to prepare 3 cocktails, previously explained by the professional bartender:

  • First Cocktail: a multicolored shooter
  • Second Cocktail: shaken classic cocktail with a twist
  • Third Cocktail: a mojito with fresh fruit by season

Phase 3: 
Competition Begins!
Each team will have to designs their own cocktail with the ingredients chosen by them, and make 2 cocktails, one for the judge and other one for them as a team.
Make sure to do your best because the judge approval will be a tough task

Phase 4: 
Here is where the teacher mixologist will judge each teams cocktail by taste, aspect, smell... This is the moment where one team can lose or win the competition.

The winning team will get a nice drink refreshing shot, meanwhile the losing team gets the same drink BUT served with 5 secret nasty ingredients chosen by the winning team. 

At the end of the experience each team will receive a "1 day crash course in bartending" Certificates by Activitiesmarbella.

Who's it for?

Our cocktail competition is the perfect experience for groups of, friends, family, corporate event in Costa del Sol
It can be organized in any venue with bar, impress your friends coming on holiday or organise and original hen and stag activity

  • Welcome briefing with cup of sparkling wine
  • Introductory talk about cocktails
  • Creation of cocktails
  • Award Ceremony with certificate for each team

Additional Information

Number of participants
Up to 10 pax
This activity does not depend on the weather condition, due to it can be do it indoor
Important Information
This is a real fun activity.
NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT, contact us for more info
Languages Spoken