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Lamborghini Huracan

Would you be able to drive this machine of 610 Horsepower?

In Activitiesmarbella we offer you the opportunity to enjoy a very special driving experience. Get behind the wheel of the incredible Lamborghini Huracan, one of the most elegant and beautiful Lamborghini created in the car industry.

In this experience you can test your passion for speed on board of this machine that offers 610hp. This package includes 2 laps at the circuit of your choice. As in Andalucia we have several options, we propose some of the most famous tracks, like:

  • Campillos Circuit in Malaga
  • Or the famous circuit of Seville

As each circuit has special conditions for each pilot, first of all you will have the possibility to do a reconnaissance lap on board a high-end car, as a copilot. In this lap our professional pilot will give you valuable advices of the circuit as well as to tell you the proper speed that you should go on each corner.

Do not wait any longer, the Lamborghini Huracan is waiting for you!

Who's it for?

This experience with the Lamborghini Hurracan is the perfect choice for those speed lovers and is also perfect for those people who want to give a very special gift to their partner or family.

  • Open Bar (soft drinks, snacks)
  • 1 passenger lap in a luxury car
  • 2 laps driving the Lamborghini Huracán
  • Including insurance, no deposit nor excess

Additional Information

Number of participants
2h approx
Valid driving license required
Should the weather not allow the track day experience, a new date will be proposed
Important Information
The dates mentioned only work for 2019, for the 2020 season the dates for each circuit will be changed.
For 2020:
Malaga (Campillos): 22nd March, 12th July, 22nd November
Monteblanco: 21st March, 11th July, 21st November
Sevilla: 7th June & 3rd October
Languages Spoken