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Boxter Cup

Drive the racing Porsche Boxter on track !


You like Porsche ? This is for you ! We invite you to drive a Porsche Boxter Cup (racing version) on a race track near Sevilla ! An amazing experience day to be enjoyed, or offered as a gift, or both.

The racetrack of Monteblanco is situated near Huelva and is nearly 3 kilometers long, more than enough for you to enjoy an unforgettable driving experience ! This particular package includes 5 laps driving the Porsche, with an instructor as passenger. 

Porsche Boxter Cup specs : 

  • Engine 3600 cm3
  • 350 BHP
  • Sequencial gearbox
  • 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.9 seconds
  • Max speed : 300 km H

Want more laps ? want more cars ??? Call us now !

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Who's it for?

Driving on a racetrack is a fun and memorable activity for your leisure days, your holidays but also for your next present to any petrol head interested in feeling the real power of such a racing machine.

  • Open Bar (soft drinks, snacks) for up to 5 persons
  • 5 laps driving the Porsche Boxter Cup yourself

Additional Information

Number of participants
Allow 2h for the entire experience
Driving license required
Should the weather not allow the track day experience, a new date will be proposed
Malaga (campillos): 10th March, 22nd June, 24th October
Monteblanco: 9th March, 5th July, 23rd October
Sevilla: 2nd March, 7th July, 20th November
Languages Spoken